Goldwasser Tasting

Gdańsk cuisine has always been very special. Even alcohols from Gdańsk are exceptional – and Goldwasser is a prime example.

Goldwasser is strong (minimum 38% alcohol) herb-spice liqueur produced in Gdańsk according to the idea of ​​a 16th-century religious refugee, Ambroży Vermoolen. According to the original recipe, it was based on a mixture of twenty oriental herbs and spices, including rosemary, juniper, cloves, cinnamon, lavender, anise, cardamom, turmeric, coriander and thyme. A characteristic feature of this drink are small flakes of 22 or 23 carat gold, which are dispersed in this alcohol.

Gdańsk is the only place in the world, where you can buy bottle of Goldwasser.