Fairy-Tale Tallinn

Tallinn – a novel destination that’s edgy and exotic, yet attractive, affordable and safe! Estonia’s fairytale capital offers a fantastic blend of medieval charm and modern sensibilities and is guaranteed to wow you with unforgettable new experiences.

The city is best known for its stunning Old Town, a centuries-old neighbourhood of cobblestone lanes, gabled houses, Gothic churches and charming squares, all surrounded by a system of sturdy defensive walls and towers. The area, which is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the spiritual heart of the city as well as the hub of its dining and nightlife scene. There are, quite simply, very few cities in the world that can rival Tallinn for its well-preserved medieval buildings and timeless atmosphere.

Outside the walls of Old Town, Tallinn has a quirky, modern edge to discover. Rotermann City, a redeveloped factory area near the port, has become a popular attraction thanks to its ultra-cool mix of contemporary architecture and 19th-century brick. A more raw and happening feel can be found in the Telliskivi area, a reclaimed industrial zone that is now exploding with creative and social energy. The off-beat location is loaded with design shops, cafés, trendy restaurants and more.

Nature is always at your doorstep in Tallinn – not only is this a seaside town, the wild countryside is just a half-hour’s ride away. This opens up possibilities for sea-related activities, coast and island cruises, mushroom picking, bog walking, touring beautiful manor houses and catching a glimpse of the traditional Estonian way of life.